Metalldetektor Euro ACE von GARRETT findet sehr schöne römische Münzen -
2014-06-25 15:09:00 / News / Kommentare 0
schöner römischer Münzenfund in gutem Zustand in Belgien mit dem EuroACE von Teenager - Gratulieren herzlichst ! Hat sich schon mal gelohnt - ein neuer AT GOLD dafür direkt von GARRETT ! Sendet eure Funde ein und Ihr habt auch die Chance einen AT GOLD (jeden Monat einer) zu gewinnen - Viel Glück wünscht das nuggets-Team
Vaughan Garrett's Favorite Find of the Month (International)

My favorite find for June 2014 is the Cache of Seven Roman Coins found by fourteen year old Sean P. from Belgium with his Euro Ace. This young man will inspire treasure hunters around the world! Here in his own words is his remarkable experience.

"I'm a 14 year old boy from Belgium. I went to a local metal detecting shop where I bought my first metal detector because when I was a little boy I always wanted to be a 'treasure hunter' like Indiana Jones! I've been watching a lot of metal detecting videos on youtube and soon noticed most of the detectorists were using 'Garrett metal detectors', so I really wanted to have a Garrett. I was totally looking forward to buy one but i didn't have enough money, so after 1.5 years I finally managed to get the money for a Euro Ace. Once I had my detector I was super proud, everybody had to know I had a Garrett metal detector. I've been gathering some stuff in my house to equip myself with a spade, army pants, a plastic bag to put my finds in and went on my way to the most nearby field."

"After 2 hours of searching I didn't find anything... I had to go back home. On my way back i'm still searching but really quickly, once my first ever 'BEEP' appeared! I took my spade, went digging for like 20 minutes because I still do not have a ProPointer but i instantly saw a shiny looking circular object and I thought this is going to be something awesome! So I picked it up and it was a Roman silver Denarius! I went crazy all the way! I was about to go further but I checked the hole quickly and I saw something else in it! Now it was a Roman bronze coin wich made my day even better! I kept searching and found even more Roman coins in that same hole! This was one of best experiences of my life! With all thanks to Garrett for giving me this Great chance!"

Way to go Sean of Belgium! Keep up the good work! You've won yourself a brand new Garrett AT Gold!

Sean WINS a Garrett AT Gold!

Next month Vaughan will give away an AT Gold!
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